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Foodbank vouchers

Changes to system during the coronavirus

We know that anyone can find themselves at crisis point for a number of different reasons.  During this coronavirus the Agents are not issuing vouchers as before, but can be contacted by phone or on line and they can issue vouchers on-line to send to us.  Tney will then make you an appointment  to come between 1.30- 3.30 on a Wednesday or Friday afternoon,  . We are not able to provide food if it is just a question of access to  food, if you are self-isolating or elderly and not able to get to the shops, please contact your council and register with them .

In order to provide the most appropriate help for the circumstances of your situation we work with local agencies. If they feel you are struggling to put food on the table, please contact them, most of them are still available on-line or on the telephone.  

Our foodbank works with a number of different agencies, such as Citizens Advice, children’s centres and health visitors

When you contact a referral agency they will take some basic details from you This will help them to identify the cause of your crisis and offer practical guidance. It also means we are able to prepare suitable emergency food for the right number of people.

If you are a referral agency and would like to become a registered voucher holder for our foodbank, please contact us to find out more.

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