Give food

You can donate food in the boxes and trolleys at a number of supermarkets in the Wyre Forest, PLEASE NOTE THAT AT TESCO THESE MUST BE IN-STORE DONATIONS AS TESCO VERY GENEROUSLY ADD 20% IN MONEY TO THE WEIGHT OF THE DONATION. All other donations there, must be in sealed bags stating that they have been purchased elsewhere. Donations can also be left at a number of churches, Trinity Methodist is usually open most days, once the lockdown is over, also businesses, such as banks etc also have boxes We are receiving donations at Baxter but as we are trying to keep social distancing, please email [email protected] to ensure that we are open and able to accept the food. At the moment, the limited delivery times are Mon. 12.00- 2..00 Thurs 10.0-12.00 We collect from the Supermarkets 3 days a week. Thank You

Latest shopping list needs.         Tinned meat, fish, veg, fruit,  fruit juice, fruit squash,  tinned puddings, custard,  fresh fruit, jam. The only items we do not need as it uses up so much of our valuable available  space, is baked beans and pasta.  As well as food, families always need toiletries, shampoo, household items, washing up liquid, washing tablets.  Size 5 and 6 nappies are always a priority need. We have plenty of the other sizes.  Many thanks